Special Note on Pastries:

Pastries and More- there will be a reduction in some of the pastries offered and certain items
will be available only on certain days. Cinnamon buns will be available Friday- Sunday only
(except during the week going into Christmas). Scones will be limited to certain flavors. Cream
Puffs will be available in Fresh Whipped Cream only along with Pastry Cream filled Eclairs.
We will phase out Tomato Pie (a weekend only item) after January 1, 2019. Our Italian bread
will be offered Friday-Sunday only for the remainder of 2018. This will continue in 2019.
Pies will remain a seasonal item, available during Holidays only. Sweet Breads (i.e., Coffee
Cake Bread) will be available year round with other Sweet Breads added seasonally only.
Finally, Soups will be discontinued due to the extensive time it takes to create my wonderful
recipes. This will allow more time for the production of traditional bakery items.

Italian Pastries and More

Cannolis, sfogliatelle, lobster tails, cream puffs, and eclairs are just a few of the many pastries available daily.  Purchase a dozen cannolis or assorted pastry platter to make any event special.