Specialty Cakes

Specialty Cakes for Your Celebration!

Specialty cakes available in all sizes and themes. From patriotic to Christmas, from beach to birthday, and so many more. Customize your cake or choose from our endless designs for your special occasion.

Specialty Cakes

Cake (Size & Serving amount)

6″ (10) 8″ (16) 10″ (24)
Reese’s Peanut Butter $32 $59 $94
Chocolate Grasshopper $32 $59 $94
Blond Grasshopper $32 $59 $94
Tiramisu Cake $32 $59 $94
Chocolate Raspberry Torte $32 $59 $94
Vanilla Raspberry Torte $32 $59 $94
Black Forest Cake $32 $59 $94
Chocolate Blackout Cake $32 $59 $94
Ultimate Chocolate Cake $32 $59 $94
Ultimate Carrot Cheese Cake n/a $69 $105
Caramelized Banana Cake n/a $69 $105
Strawberries and Whip Cream $32 $59 $94
Lemon Torte $32 $59 $94
Boston Cream Cake $32 $59 $94
Neapolitan Cake n/a n/a $110
Italian Cream Cake $32 $59 $94
Salted Caramel Cake $32 $59 $94
Banana Split Cake n/a n/a $110
Almond Cake $34 $61 $105
Guinness Chocolate Cake* $32 $59 $94
Mini Cupcakes by the Dozen starts @ $36 regular | $40 GF or Veg
Giant Cupcake Cake $35+
     * Seasonal cakes Updated Jan. 2022

Specialty Cake Descriptions

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cake – Rich dark chocolate cake, chocolate butter cream frosting, peanut butter and cream cheese filling, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup on each slice.

Grasshopper Cakes – Rich dark chocolate cake, vanilla butter cream frosting, crushed mint chocolate cookie crumb between layers, chocolate ganache top, chocolate dipped mint cookie on each slice.

Tiramisu Cake – Vanilla cake soaked in home made simple syrup with espresso and dark rum, cannoli diplomat cream, fresh whipped cream frosting and decorated with optional Lady Fingers cake sides. Dusted with dark cocoa powder.

Chocolate Raspberry Torte – Rich dark chocolate cake, alternating layers of raspberry cream filling and chocolate pasty cream filling between layers, chocolate or vanilla butter cream frosting.

Vanilla Raspberry Torte – Vanilla cake, raspberry cream filling between layers, vanilla butter cream frosting.

Black Forest Cake – Rich dark chocolate cake, cherries and kirsch filling, fresh whipped cream frosting wrapped in clear banding.

Ultimate Chocolate Cake – 6 layers rich dark chocolate cake, cafe mocha filling and covered in chocolate ganache.

Ultimate Carrot Cheese Cake – Two layers of moist carrot cake with one layer of vanilla cheese cake in between, cream cheese frosting, decorated with frosted carrots . Two cakes in one!

Lemon Torte – Rich lemon cake, fresh lemon pastry cream filling, frosted in vanilla butter cream.

Chocolate Blackout Cake – Rich chocolate cake, chocolate pastry cream filling, dark chocolate frosting, and chocolate ganache top.

Caramelized Banana Cake – Rich banana and walnut cake, caramelized banana slices between layers, cream cheese filling, vanilla butter cream frosting with a caramel drizzle on top.

Strawberry Cream Cake – Moist white cake layered with fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream, frosted in fresh whipped cream.

Boston Cream Cake – Yellow cake with vanilla pastry cream filling, topped with chocolate ganache, wrapped in a cedar band.

Neapolitan Cake – Chocolate and White cake layers with fresh strawberry and vanilla butter cream filling, chocolate pastry cream filling, and Vanilla Butter Cream frosting. Also available with Chocolate Butter Cream frosting.

Italian Cream Cake – Rum cake with Cannoli cream filling and chocolate pastry cream fillings, covered with fresh whipped cream frosting. Also available with Vanilla butter cream and optional sliced almonds on sides.

Salted Caramel Cake – 6 layers of white cake with alternating layers of vanilla diplomat or lemon diplomat cream, homemade caramel, and caramel butter cream, frosted in caramel butter cream or vanilla butter cream with a caramel drizzle.This is the “Winning Cake” that beat all other bakeries in the Capital District for ‘Best Tasting Cake” at the 2011 Quandt’s Bakery Show, and again at the Exit 9 Wine and Liquor Cupcake and Wine Pairing Contest.

Banana Split Cake – Award Winning cake featuring layers of chocolate and white cake, with alternating layers bananas with fresh whipped cream and cherry butter cream with chunks of whole cherries. Add a crispy chocolate drizzle and homemade caramel between the layers and frost the entire cake with vanilla butter cream with a poured chocolate ganache top. 

Guinness Chocolate Cake – Dark chocolate cake made with Guinness Stout Beer and frosted in a Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheese Frosting.

Almond Cake – Traditional Italian style wedding cake made with pure almond paste, frosted in vanilla butter cream with optional toasted almonds on the top or sides of cake. Also available with fresh whipped cream frosting.

Giant Cupcake Cake – Available in chocolate or white. Frosted in a combination of chocolate and vanilla butter cream frostings.