Italian Holiday Cookie Platters

dolce and biscottiFor the Christmas Holidays and more, consider giving a platter of traditional Italian Cookies to your friends, family, or clients. At Dolce and Biscotti, our cookies are hand crafted with only the finest ingredients, not factory produced. Platters include a selection of raspberry drops, strawberry tarts, wedding cakes, chocolate nut, amoretti, lemon ginnettes, anise ginnettes, orange ginnettes, kiss cookies, almond rounds, Italian rainbow, coconut macaroons, Italian rum, and biscotti varieties. (no substitutions)

Super Grand Italian Platter, Italian cookies only (58 plus cookies) $49

Grand Italian Cookie Platter, Italian cookies only ( 46 plus cookies) $39

Small Italian Cookie Platter, Italian cookies only ( 31 plus cookies) $29

Holiday Sampler Box $19.99, 1+ lbs. contains Italian cookies & frosted cutouts

Gluten Free Sampler Box $22.99, assorted gluten free Italian cookies, includes amoretti, almond rounds and white cake bon bons

American Cookie Platter $29, 30 ct. American cookies. Includes Sugar cookies, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, ginger snap, and oatmeal scotchies.

Last Day to Place orders to be Shipped is Dec. 12, 2020. All orders will be shipped by Dec. 18, 2020.

We are not responsible for late arriving orders or incorrect shipping information, no exceptions! No refunds!

No time to bake, but still want to decorate?

Our fresh baked cookies come ready for the fun part, decorating the cookies! Best of all, Cookies To Decorate cookies come in endless themes; perfect for holidays, special occasions, birthdays and more. Cookies To Decorate cookies are not like the traditional hard sugar cookies you may be accustomed to.

The Cookies To Decorate cookie is a soft cookie that is firm enough to decorate, yet stays soft and delicious when frosted. Each kit includes our special vanilla frosting and edible fun decorations. This is the perfect family craft for all ages! Fun begins with Cookies To Decorate Cookie Decorating Kits!

Deluxe kit contains

  • 15– prebaked cookies in a variety of themes
  • 4 bags colored icing
  • 4 bags colored sprinkles
  • Decorating instructions and ideas

$29 per kit

Who doesn’t love to decorate cookies during the Holidays? But with everything going on, who has time to mix and bake the cutout cookies? Cookies to Decorate has taken all the time consuming work out of it and lets you and your family have the fun and memories of cookie decorating. Each deluxe cookie kit includes everything you need to decorate!

Order from a variety of Deluxe Cookie Decorating Kits on the Cookies To Decorate website. We ship all over the United States at $29 a kit plus shipping or choose an in-store pickup. | 518-280-6173